Who we are?

3 friends who select the best options currently available to bet your crypto online

Why Crypto2win?

Before Crypto2win became the guide to the best crypto gambling sites, it was just a simple project run by three passionate friends.

We quickly realized that we were operating in a delicate market.

In addition to finding many questionable, unsafe and unreliable online casinos, we have also seen many websites that recommend crypto casinos that were outright scams.

So we turned it into an opportunity and by combining our technical knowledge with our love of games and cryptocurrencies, Crypto2win was born.

Our site has always aimed to fill the gaps in this fragile but fascinating industry, while helping people who, like us, want to stay safe when they want to gamble on the Internet.

Sebastien Crypto founder of crypto2win

Seb, 34, Las Vegas Baby

Born player and since 5 years professional poker player. I invested in cryptocurrencies very early on and I am convinced that the adoption of this currency will be global. This project between friends became interesting and evident quickly, as the idea of taking my experience to an audience that would like to bet with crypto immediately made sense to me. My motivation is to help people not to make the same mistakes I made in my past.

I’m the one doing most of the Crypto gambling related sites reviews, Sonia helps me in this process…

SoniaBlack, 26, New York, NY

Hardcore player since childhood. I’m the daughter of a professional backgammon player. Games have always fascinated me. Addicted to strong emotions and big prizes.
I became an expert in slot machines and I like roulette. I moved to Las Vegas at the age of 22 and lived there for 4 years before returning to an “orderly life” here in New York.
However, my passion never left me and I quickly realized that online gaming had advantages that traditional casinos could not compete with.

I’m in charge of support and it’s always a pleasure to try to help you guys out 😉

Jerome, 38, Paris

Formerly a mental coach, I’m nicknamed the strategist, although I think that’s an exaggeration, because I love martingals and optimal strategies. My approach to the game is based on probability and self-control. I quickly understood the potential of crypto casinos because of their low “house advantage” and I am convinced that this is the future of online casinos.

I mostly develop the website and try to connect with our partners.

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